Undergraduate Final Year Project Website

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  • ELEC4710 Engineering Project A (6 CP)

  • ELEC4711 Engineering Project B (6 CP)

  • ELEC4712 Honours Thesis A (6 CP)

  • ELEC4713 Honours Thesis B (6 CP)

Welcome to the Undergraduate Final Year Project.

Unit Co-ordinator: Dr Yash Shrivastava


This is a diverse subject like no other you have tackled before. You will be required to show significant self-motivation and initiative, and bring together all your wealth of knowledge gained over the past years in electrical engineering. I'm sure you'll enjoy the challenge! Most students find it to be one of the most-rewarding experiences of their time at The University. I hope you do too!

On these web pages you will find the main and important information relating to the Units of Study. Of course, most of this is administrative and doesn't sound at all exciting. As I'm sure you'll guess, the interesting stuff comes once you start your topic, and begin interacting on a closer level with your academic supervisors.

So, good luck, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

For administrative purposes, ELEC4710 and ELEC4712 are both referred to as the A unit, and ELEC4711 and ELEC4713 are both referred to as the B unit. Collectively, unit A and unit B are referred to as the Project. Both A and B units are available in each semester. The project is normally done over two consecutive semesters. Under very exceptional circumstances, students can enrol for both units in the same semester with the permission of the Head of School (HOS). Enrolment in the Honours units, ELEC4712 and ELEC4713, also requires permission of the HOS and generally requires a Credit-average WAM. See your Year Adviser for permissions.

The Honours units, ELEC4712 and ELEC4713, are expected to be research oritented and have a more challenging research component to them. Students are expected to enter their research project in the  Research Conversazione. Additionally, you need to do ELEC4712 and ELEC4713 in order to be considered for an Honours degree.

If you are enjoying these units, why not consider postgraduate study after you graduate.